Silver A’ Design Award Winner for Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Category in 2015

The additional prize in Product Design category
„Young Designer Prize 2015”, Lithuania


After substantial market research, we have ascertained that the most popular „container“ for recyclables is the plastic bag . Therefore the idea of making one more plastic garbage bin seemed absurd so we produced adaptable frame for a garbage bag. It can be utilized at home, work space or outdoors. Spider bin can be easily moved from one place to another, transported and stored because it occupies little space when not in use.


According to your needs you can choose the HPL frame with a bag: reusable bags (fabric/mesh), usual non-reusable bags (plastic), set of bags with four sections in one frame (fabric/mesh).


Spider bin comes in an envelope . You have to fix central joint (4 legs + 5 screws) and the bag has to be fixed on the frame.


Flat : 480 mm x 16 mm x 655 mm.
Ready to use : 350 mm x 350 mm x 655 mm.